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About the TPC

A camera club serving the Omaha Metro area, the Photographers Club (TPC), an organization formed in 1985 to provide a forum where individuals interested in all types of photography could meet. TPC is dedicated to helping club members increase their enjoyment and mastery of photography through a cooperative effort of its members and fun activities.

We draw our members from the immediate Omaha area and outlying districts. As a result, the membership represents a cross section of our community, including professional people, blue collar workers, students, and retirees among others. Photography skills vary from beginner to near professional, and interests are as varied as the membership.

Benefits of Joining

As a TPC member you can expect to:
* Increase your technical knowledge of cameras and accessories.
* Learn what separates a great picture from a good picture.
* Grow from snap shooter to creative photographer.
* Be exposed to examples of outstanding photographs by other members and professionals.
* Have a resource center where answers to questions can be found.
* If a beginner, you will be encouraged by the membership. As an advanced photographer, you will be challenged by our activities.


The Photographers Club is open to any person 16 years of age or older interested in photography. Membership fees are $30.00 for a single membership and $45.00 for a family membership (husband and wife).

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